What is a flow framework?

What is a flow framework?

The Flow Framework is a structured prescriptive approach to Value Stream Management in software delivery organizations. It identifies where work is flowing in your product value streams and where it’s slowing down so that you can decide how to address those bottlenecks.

What are the metrics of flow?

There are four Flow Metrics that measure how value flows through a product’s value stream. They are calculated on four Flow Items – units of work that matter to a business: features, defects, debt, and risk.

What is flow agile?

Summary: “Flow,” defined as the movement of business value from customer insight to product delivery, is a fundamental prerequisite to agile success. Surfacing and visualizing the end-to-end workflow is a foundational requirement for enabling companies to master software-based solutions at scale.

What is flow in SAFe?

Flow is the measure of how efficient an organization is at delivering value. The Flow Framework created by Mik Kersten [1] provides five metrics that can be used to measure different aspects of flow. As SAFe is a flow-based system, each of these metrics is directly applicable.

What are the framework of Amazon?

The AWS Flow Framework is a collection of convenience libraries that make it faster and easier to build applications with Amazon Simple Workflow. Using the AWS Flow Framework, you write simple code and let the framework’s pre-built objects and classes handle the details of Amazon Simple Workflow APIs.

What is Amazon flow?

Amazon flow. Earlier this week, Amazon brought its “Flow” image recognition technology to the retailer’s main iOS app. The feature, which has long been available as a standalone utility, lets iPhone users add products to their Amazon shopping list simply by capturing them with the device’s built-in camera.

What is Kanban flow?

KanbanFlow is a cloud-based project management solution by CodeKick that allows real-time collaboration between users and coworkers. It uses Kanban boards to provide an overview of the existing work situation and help improve communication and overall effectiveness.

What are flow items?

Flow items are the items that will flow through your simulation model from the beginning of your simulation until the end. Flow items can represent many different things in your simulation model such as: Materials moving through an assembly line. Customers walking through a service center.

What is flow efficiency?

Flow efficiency is the ratio between value-adding time and the lead time required to complete a process. Value-adding is when a person or a machine is actively working towards the completion of a given target. Lead time is the frame between the order and delivery of the product.

What is a flow development?

Fully developed flow occurs when the viscous effects due to the shear stress between the fluid particles and pipe wall create a fully developed velocity profile. In order for this to occur the fluid must travel through a length of a straight pipe.

What is Flow Optimization?

It aims to optimize the exchanges, or flows, that the company maintains with its suppliers and its customers. These flows can be of various natures. It can be information flows relating to supplies or product design, financial flows linked to purchases, or even flows of goods.

How do you manage flow?

Managing flow is a principle of Kanban and is about shifting the focus from the people to the work. So instead of managing people and keeping them busy all the time, we focus on managing the work and understanding how we get that work through the system faster. The distinction is very important.

What are the 3 levels of SAFe?

To cut it short, the three levels of the scaled agile framework are team level, program level, and portfolio level.

What are the 4 levels of SAFe?

SAFe Full Configuration consists of four levels: Team, Program, Large Solution and Portfolio. It is constantly being improved, and its latest version is 4.5.

What is agile Lean framework?

Lean-Agile is a set of principles and practices for working that aims to minimise waste whilst maximising value. This enables organisations to make quality a priority in their products and services. For us, we’ve found that it helps us to interface with other businesses.

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