What are the 7 types of feature stories?

What are the 7 types of feature stories?

Types of Feature Stories in Journalism

  • News Feature. …
  • Informative Feature. …
  • Personality Sketches. …
  • Personal Experience Story. …
  • Human Interest Feature Story. …
  • Historical Feature. …
  • Interpretative Feature. …
  • Popularized Scientific Feature.

How many types of feature articles are there?

The seven different types of features in journalism are profile, round-up, how-to, personal experience, review, travelogue, and obituary articles. The feature articles in journalism explain and disseminate factual information regarding people, place, processes, history, expertise, experience, and so on.

What are different types of featured articles?

Types of Feature Stories in Journalism

  • News Feature. …
  • Informative Feature. …
  • Personality Sketches. …
  • Personal Experience Story. …
  • Human Interest Feature Story. …
  • Historical Feature. …
  • Interpretative Feature. …
  • Popularized Scientific Feature.

What are the 5 parts of feature article?

  • Headline. ​​The headline is like the catchy title of the feature article. …
  • Secondary Headline​ ​The secondary headline gives more information about the topic, and should include the angle and controlling idea. …
  • Controlling Idea​ ​The controlling idea stems from the angle. …
  • Lead​ …
  • Body. …
  • Close​ …
  • Quotation​ …
  • Additional Components.

What are the seven steps to writing a feature story?

The seven steps to write a feature article are:

  • Select the Topic.
  • Target Audience.
  • Research the Topic.
  • Outline the Steps.
  • Start the Writing Process.
  • Propose Recommendation and Caution.
  • Edit and Proofread.

What are the different kinds of feature stories?

Different Kinds of Feature Stories

  • Human interest. Involves persons rather than things. …
  • Interviews. Usually done with prominent persons. …
  • Informational features. Of historical, social, practical interest. …
  • Personality sketch. Develops a total picture of the person. …
  • Featurettes.

What is the most common type of feature article?

Human-Interest Feature Most common type of feature article.

What is feature writing and its types?

Feature Writing is a literary and critically recognised form of writing in Journalism. It involves writing featured articles on trending topics, great personalities and relevant issues. This form of writing is generally longer than a specific news story and more informative in nature.

What are the different features of writing?

The five Features of Effective Writing are focus, organization, support and elaboration, grammatical conventions, and style.

What is feature article in journalism?

What Is a Feature Article? A feature article is a news story that goes beyond the facts to weave in a narrative and tell a compelling story. A feature article differs from a hard news story as it offers an in-depth look at a particular subject, current event, or location to audiences.

What is an example of a feature?

An example of feature is freckles. An example of feature is a guest speaker at an event. An example of feature is a cover story in a magazine. An example of feature is a new movie coming out.

How is a feature article structure?

Like any form of writing a feature article follows a standard structure. While it may vary depending on your topic, a feature article should always include a headline, introduction, the main body and a concluding paragraph. Highlights the main idea of the article. Includes keywords (for online articles).

What are 3 features of a feature article?

Characteristics of a feature article

  • Explore a topic or issue of current importance.
  • Follows narratorial conventions (i.e. There is a plot, complication, and conclusion)
  • Written in short paragraphs.
  • Combine facts and opinions.
  • Provide a perspective or angle about the topic or issue.
  • Includes catchy features (eg.

What are the examples of feature article?

Examples of feature stories include news features, in-depth profiles, human interest stories, science communication, data storytelling, and more. Feature stories are a common type of content for news organisations, particularly those who invest in longform journalism.

What are basic elements of feature articles?

The elements of feature writing include: Personality Profiles. Human Interest Stories. Trend Stories.

What are the 7 steps to outline a novel?

  • Craft your premise.
  • Roughly sketch scene ideas.
  • Interview your characters.
  • Explore your settings.
  • Write your complete outline.
  • Condense your outline.
  • Put your outline into action.

What is the purpose of feature articles?

One useful writing material is a feature article. Features are more in-depth than traditional news stories and go beyond providing the most important facts. The purpose of these stories is to provide a detailed description of a place, person, idea, or organization.

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