What are the 3 types of VSM?

What are the 3 types of VSM?

There are 3 types of value stream maps.

  • Current.
  • Ideal.
  • Future.

What are the metrics of value stream mapping?

Another common take on value stream metrics is: Flow Distribution – The proportion of each flow item within a value stream across time. Flow Velocity – Number of flow items done in a given time. Flow Time – Time elapsed when a flow item enters the value stream to when it is released to the customer.

What is included in a value stream map?

The process of creating a value stream map takes all the necessary people, processes, information and inventory, and displays them in a flowchart format. By visualizing all elements that go into creating a product or service, organizations can apply lean principles to reduce waste in specific areas of their processes.

What are the three sections of a VSM select all that apply?

Notice the three main colored sections. The colors were added to highlight the different sections of a VSM. These sections show Information Flow, Product Flow, and a Time Ladder or Lead Time Ladder.

Which three steps should you follow to perform a value stream design?

How to draw a value stream map

  1. Determine the scope of your value stream map. Create your start and end points first, and place them in the top left and right corners of your document. …
  2. Map the steps of your process. …
  3. Add inventory and wait times. …
  4. Designate the direction of information flows. …
  5. Create a timeline.

How many components are there in a value stream?

A value stream map is made up of a three distinct looking parts: a process map, a corresponding timeline, and information flow.

What are three measures used for value stream key performance indicators KPIs )? Choose three?

Development value stream KPIs often include high-level process measures such as speed, quality, flow, and process improvement assessments (see Metrics for more)

How are value streams measured?

There are four Flow Metrics that measure how value flows through a product’s value stream. They are calculated on four Flow Items – units of work that matter to a business: features, defects, debt, and risk.

What are the metrics shown in release value stream dashboard?

Each release phase can show these criticality metrics: Flags: Total number of flags that were added to tasks in the phase. Failures: Total number of task failures in the phase. Delays: Total number of tasks in the phase that were completed after their due date.

Which value should be included in a value map process block?

The process map should include critical metrics regarding each process block, such as yields, manpower levels, downtime, etc. The value stream map is the high-level tool used to see the bigger picture. It helps identify the bottleneck but does not provide the root cause of the bottleneck.

What are the five principles of value stream map?

According to Womack and Jones, there are five key lean principles: value, value stream, flow, pull, and perfection.

What are the key objectives of value stream mapping?

The objective of Value Stream Mapping is to build up a picture of how items (such as materials, designs, or customer needs) flow through the value stream in your organization – from raw materials and inputs through to the customer’s end product.

What are the four types of value stream mapping symbol?

  • 2.1 Process Symbols. Value stream mapping icons and symbols that are used to visualize part of the process to identify waste of resources are called process symbols. …
  • 2.2 Material Symbols. …
  • 2.3 Information Symbols. …
  • 2.4 General Symbols.

What are the elements that can be identified by using VSM lean principle technique Mcq?

The five principles are considered a recipe for improving workplace efficiency and include: 1) defining value, 2) mapping the value stream, 3) creating flow, 4) using a pull system, and 5) pursuing perfection.

How does VSM calculate lead time?

While on the data gathering walk of the VSM event, count the inventory at each operation. Then, use the simple formula. Little’s Law is simply expressed by dividing the amount of work-in-process by the daily requirement. The result yields the number of days of lead time.

What is the third step of VSM?

Step 3: Group Customers and Sort Materials The next step is to group your customers together by the industry they represent. Figure 3 shows the total number of finished piece parts along with the total percentage of finished piece parts that each industry represents.

What are the 4 steps of value stream mapping?

At the kaizen event, the team must complete four important steps:

  • Determine the process family.
  • Draw the current state map.
  • Determine and draw the future state map.
  • Draft a plan to arrive at the future state.

What three features are often incorporated into lean manufacturing systems?

While you might not think of them as principles specific to Lean manufacturing, you may recognize some of these concepts from their work: Value stream mapping. Demand-based (pull) system. Continuous improvement.

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