Is Ijstr Scopus indexed?

Is Ijstr Scopus indexed?

Publication with IJSTR does not guarantee that paper will surely be added indexing partner website. The whole process for including any article (s) in the Scopus database is done by Scopus team only.

Is IJSR journal approved by UGC?

Greetings! We are very happy to intimate that IJRSR is approved by UGC. Recently UGC has released the Final list of approved Journal after recommendation of UGC Standing Committee. Committee has included our Journal on the basis of performance criteria fixed by the UGC.

Is IJSR journal MCI approved?

Is IJSR an MCI acceptable publication? Yes, IJSR is Indexed with prestigous Indexing Agency, Index Medicus (World Health Organisation) (Approved by MCI) & Hence IJSR is a valid publication for MCI purpose.

Is the International journal of High School research legit?

Peer-reviewed by faculty and professionals and open source IJHSR has been published since 2019 and is the leading high school research journal. IJHSR selects the highest quality of high school student research work in all areas of science, including the behavioral and social sciences, technology, engineering, and math.

What is the impact factor of IJSR?

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) ISSN (Online): 2319-7064 Index Copernicus Value (2013): 6.14 | Impact Factor (2014): 5.611.

Is International Journal of scientific & Engineering Research Scopus indexed?

The India-based journal is not indexed).

Is IJSR indexed in Pubmed?

Benefits of IJSR Publication: Indexed Journal with Cross Ref, Google Scholar, Index Medicus, Pubmed, Citation Index etc. Publication Acceptable in India and Over 100 Countries.

Who is the publisher of IJSR?

SJIF 2022: 7.942 Area: Multidisciplinary Evaluated version: online Previous evaluation SJIF 2021: Not indexed 2020: 7.803 2019: 7.583 2018: 7.426
Editor-in-chief Dr. R. M. Deshmukh
Editor in Chief, International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
Publisher International Journal Of Science And Research (IJSR)

Is Ijsrem a good journal Quora?

This so called “ IJAEM” ( International Journal of Advances in Engineering and Management) is totally fraud and fake journal publisher from India.

Is International Journal of recent scientific research Fake?

International Journal of Recent Scientific Research ISSN: 0976-3031 is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal with reputable academics and experts as its editorial board.

Is Global journal of research Analysis fake?

The journal does seem legitimate when you evaluate it by our checklist for identifying predatory publishers. So, it is perhaps not indexed in some of the world’s leading databases as it is a relatively young journal (having started in 2011) and will take some time before it acquires greater repute.

Is International journal of Current research and review Scopus Indexed?

INDEXED IN SCOPUS IJCRR is a fortnightly indexed international journal publishing the finest peer-reviewed research and review articles in fields of Healthcare and Life Sciences.

Are all MDPI journals predatory?

it is at around 50% at most MDPI journals. While this is far from predatory practices (that would be 100%) and shows that MDPI journals do reject papers, acceptance rates are an order of magnitude higher than in most, say, economics journals.

Is MDPI peer-reviewed?

Editorial Independence All articles published by MDPI are peer-reviewed and assessed by our independent Editorial Boards, and MDPI staff are not involved in decisions to accept manuscripts.

Is MDPI sensors a good journal?

This journal is very good and it has a good reputation. If the paper does not have strong contribution, the editor will reject it from the first stage. Also it is indexed in ISI web of science and Q1 and it has high impact factor.

How do I publish on IJSR?

Manuscripts: All manuscripts submission should be through online to be Uploaded on the website or email on A single word file should consist content in double space on with one inch margine on all sides.

Is Indian journal of Applied research Scopus indexed?

It contains currently over 23000 journals from all over the world. A proof of being indexed in SJIF Journal Rank List….

SJIF 2022: Under evaluation Area: Multidisciplinary Evaluated version: online Previous evaluation SJIF 2021: Not indexed 2020: 6.004 2019: 6.03 2018: 5.831
Publisher Indian Journal Of Applied Research

Is International journal of research peer-reviewed?

International Journal of Research and Review (IJRR) is a double-blind Indexed peer-reviewed open access journal which publishes original articles, reviews and short communications that are not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

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