How do you facilitate a sailboat retrospective?

How do you facilitate a sailboat retrospective?

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How do you use Miro for retrospective?

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What is a timeline retrospective?

Reflect on how a project has gone over a longer period of time, focusing on key events, inflection points, and lessons learned. A Timeline retrospective is best used for a longer timeframe than a single sprint, perhaps at the end of a project.

What is a sprint retrospective?

The sprint retrospective is a recurring meeting held at the end of a sprint used to discuss what went well during the previous sprint cycle and what can be improved for the next sprint. The Agile sprint retrospective is an essential part of the Scrum framework for developing, delivering, and managing complex projects.

How do you conduct a sailboat retro?

By Team

  1. Product Management. Build strategies that rally the team.
  2. UX & Design. Map customer journeys and easily gather feedback on designs.
  3. Engineering. Understand and communicate complex ideas.
  4. Marketing. Brainstorm and design campaigns.
  5. Align your team and strengthen client relationships.

How do you make retro interesting?

How to run a remote retrospective with your team

  1. Step 1: Create an environment of psychological safety. …
  2. Step 2: Figure out the agenda and logistics. …
  3. Step 3: Review the recent past. …
  4. Step 4: Discuss candidly, but respectfully. …
  5. Step 4: Decide what you’ll take action on before the next retrospective.

Is Miro free to use?

Miro is a hub for your team, where you can visualize, share and collect ideas. You can use Miro Free plan as long as you want, with as many people as you need!

How do you make a retrospective board?

Process – Using Retrospective Extension in Azure DevOps

  1. Installation.
  2. Create a Retrospective. Choose you audience. Create a new Board.
  3. Collect Feedback.
  4. Group Feedback.
  5. Vote for feedbacks.
  6. Act.
  7. Track your progress.
  8. Conclusion.

How do I run my first retrospective?

Start of the project: How to run the first retrospective

  1. Start building team spirit.
  2. Remind the values of the retrospective / scrum.
  3. Set up a baseline for process metrics.
  4. Focus on action points generation to make sure the team sees the real value of this meeting.
  5. Motivate the team for the successful project.

How do you run a retrospective timeline?

Here’s how to run this Retro:

  1. Draw a timeline on a whiteboard.
  2. Ask your team to write down on Post-it notes: …
  3. Explain the events for context.
  4. Everyone plots how happy or sad they were throughout the timeline.
  5. Plot out the consensus line for the team.
  6. Discuss the findings and identify actions for improvement in the future.

What are the 3 retrospective questions?

Three things you can do today

  • What went well (keep doing these things)
  • What could be improved (went OK, but could be better)
  • What went badly (don’t do these things again)
  • Focus for next period/sprint/month/quarter (One or two things to focus on)

How do you write a retrospective?

Describe any questions or concerns you have about remaining work left to be done. Describe what we did well as a team. Describe what we did not do well as a team. Describe any changes we should consider making as a team going forward, in terms of how we work.

What do you say in a retrospective?

Questions to ask when closing a sprint retrospective

  • Can you reiterate the most important thing you learned today?
  • How are you feeling about our next sprint now that we’ve identified these issues?
  • Is anyone confused or unclear on any of the items we discussed today?
  • Do all of our next steps make sense?

What is a Futurespective?

Futurespective is the exercise to place ourselves in the future by imagining that our goals have been reached. They start such a retrospectives by discussing the team goals to ensure that team members build a common understanding. The goals are formulated and written down so that they are visible for everybody.

What is Lean Coffee retro?

The lean coffee retrospective template allows you to look at your past sprint by topic, formulate discussion points, then come up with action items. It doesn’t require that topics be addressed in any particular order, so the conversation can be fluid.

What is an agile retrospective meeting?

An Agile retrospective is a meeting that’s held at the end of an iteration in Agile software development. During the retrospective, the team reflects on what happened in the iteration and identifies actions for improvement going forward.

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