How can I get Wordle for free?

How can I get Wordle for free?

Play Wordle offline for free on Android

  1. Go to Wordle on the New York Times website using Chrome browser.
  2. Tap on the three-dot settings menu icon.
  3. Tap on download (downward facing arrow) to download the Wordle web page.
  4. Go to Chrome downloads from the settings menu.
  5. You will see the Wordle page listed.

Where do I find Wordle game?

Where and how can you play the game? Currently, Wordle is available online only. It is accessed via the webpage All you have to do is to visit the Wordle website, where you will be greeted five-wide by a six-long grid of empty, white boxes.

Is Wordle game free?

It is a free online game that challenges players each day to identify a five-letter word in six tries or less. In early November, around 90 people were playing Wordle, according to The Times.

How do you play unlimited Wordle?

Guess the WORDLE in 6 tries. After each guess, the color of the tiles will change to show how close your guess was to the word. Each guess must be a word with the same number of letters as the number of squares horizontally.

What’s the best Wordle app?

Hello Wordl is one of the better Wordle clones because you can customize it to make it easier or harder. You can set the number of letters per word from 4 to 11. You can also play unlimited puzzles. There’s a daily puzzle and a random puzzle.

Does Wordle cost money?

Wordle will ‘initially remain free to new and existing players’ when it moves over to the New York Times’ site. The New York Times has acquired the viral word game Wordle for an undisclosed seven-figure sum.

Is there an official Wordle app?

Is there an official Wordle app? Presently, Wordle is solely web-based. There are no affiliated apps available for download on any app stores ( Play Store, App Store, Aptoide). Any copycat apps you might find in the app market are spin-offs (most infamous for extorting money from players through in-app purchases).

How do I install Wordle?

How to install Wordle on your Android phone

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Click the three vertical dots in the upper right to access the overflow menu.
  3. Tap on Add to Home screen > Add. 3 Images. Close.
  4. Tap Add again in the secondary pop-up to finish; Wordle is now on your home screen. Close.

Can I play old Wordle games?

Well, you can finally play the game’s entire archive thanks to the aptly titled Wordle Archive website. The free daily word game Wordle blew up in popularity at the start of 2022 despite not having an app and only allowing players to tackle one puzzle per day.

How do you get all the letters in Wordle?

Part of a video titled Five 'Magic Words' that will solve Wordle every time - YouTube

What is the best word to start with in Wordle?

Here are WordleBot’s 10 best Wordle start words:

  • CRANE.
  • SLATE.
  • CRATE.
  • SLANT.
  • TRACE.
  • LANCE.
  • CARTE.
  • LEAST.

Can you only play one word a day on Wordle?

Wordle is limited to just one game per day, but users have discovered a simple trick which allows you to play again and find any old Wordles that may have been missed. Here are all the steps you need to do it.

What is the best free Wordle app?

  • Wordle. Price: Free.
  • Wording! Daily Word Challenge. …
  • See also: 10 best word games, word puzzles, and word search games for Android. Word Trip. …
  • SpellTower. Price: Free.
  • Wordscapes. Price: Free.
  • Read more: The 15 best Android games released in 2021. Letterpress. …
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Are there any websites like Wordle?

Lordle of the Rings. Lordle of the Rings is one example of a fandom-based Wordle alternative, requiring players to bring both their best guesses and knowledge of Tolkien vocabulary. Possible mystery words and accepted answers are terms and names from the main text of “The Lord of the Rings.”

Is there another program like Wordle?

There are dozens of Wordle alternatives out there that make you guess to find a daily answer. Some of our favorites include Heardle, Redactle, Cloudle, and Quordle.

What is the original Wordle website?

Originally, Wordle was hosted on Josh Wardle’s (the game developer) personal website, The exact frame of time when it started showing its true potential to undertake a global takeover could be traced to December 2021, when Wardle added a share button to the game.

How do I make a Wordle online?

Just follow these steps to create your wordle:

  1. Upload your data. Paste or upload your text file.
  2. Click on the Generate Cloud button. You’ll now have a wordle to work with.
  3. Customize your wordle. Tweak your visual by changing the theme, font, word quantity, etc.
  4. Download your wordle.

What is the official Wordle website?

Wordle has officially moved to New York Times website |

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