How can I contact Wendy’s?

How can I contact Wendy’s?

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How do I make a complaint to Wendy’s?

Need to contact the Wendy’s complaint department? You can call customer service at 1-888-624-8140, this seems to be the best number to contact. An alternative complaint line is by calling 614-764-3100 or by fax at the number 615-764-3489.

How is Wendy’s socially responsible?

Our Focus Areas Respect, equality and fair treatment for our team members, franchisees and partners is a central part of our business. And so is giving something back. We are on a journey to reduce our environmental impact, and we’re committed to measuring and reporting on our progress along the way.

What type of business organization is Wendy’s?

Wendy’s has a functional organizational structure. This organizational structure uses business functions as bases for grouping resources and activities. Instead of having geographic divisions, the company uses a centralized management structure.

Where is the Wendy’s corporate office?

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How do I text Wendy’s?

You can call or text us at 888-624-8140 or send an email to We’d love to help!

Does Wendy’s allow dyed hair?

17 answers NO they do not have a hair color policy. Had rules in place hair should be natural or neutral. As long as you keep yourself clean it doesn’t matter what color your hair is just always be dressed in uniform. No strict policy.

Does Wendy’s allow piercings?

6 answers. No, Wendy’s does not allow nose piercings.

Who is the CEO of Wendy’s?

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What are Wendy’s core values?

Corporate Responsibility at Wendy’s Wendy’s core values, including “Quality is our Recipe,” “Do the Right Thing” and “Give Something Back,” were created by our founder Dave Thomas more than 40 years ago. They are timeless guideposts for our employees and franchisees.

What is Wendy’s mission statement?

Wendy’s Mission Statement To deliver superior quality products and services for our customers and communities through leadership, innovation and partnerships.

What makes Wendys unique?

At Wendy’s we stand for honest food – higher quality, fresh, wholesome food, prepared when you order it. At Wendy’s, we don’t cut corners.

What are Wendy’s weaknesses?

Wendy’s weaknesses are linked to its current condition relative to other large fast food firms. The internal strategic factors that limit business development are considered in this part of the SWOT analysis….The following are Wendy’s main weaknesses:

  • Limited global reach.
  • Low diversification.
  • Imitable products.

Is Wendy’s a public company?

The Wendy’s Company is an American holding company for the major fast food chain Wendy’s. Its headquarters are in Dublin, Ohio. The company was known as Deisel-Wemmer Co….The Wendy’s Company.

Wendy’s former headquarters sign in Dublin, Ohio
Type Public
Traded as Nasdaq: WEN S&P 400 Component
ISIN US95058W1009
Industry Foodservice

What is Wendy’s slogan?

It’s Wendy’s.” The company’s slogan, “you know when it’s real,” was introduced in 2010. In November 2010, a series of commercials aired featuring the company’s namesake, Wendy Thomas, which marked the first time she had appeared in a Wendy’s advertisement.

What corporation owns Wendy’s?

Wendy’s Restaurants is the parent company of Wendy’s International, LLC, formerly known as Wendy’s International, Inc. Wendy’s International, LLC is the indirect parent company of Quality Is Our Recipe, LLC (“Quality”), which is the owner and franchisor of the Wendy’s® restaurant system in the United States.

How old do you have to be to work at Wendy’s?

Additionally, you need to meet the following requirements: At least 16 years of age. Have reliable transportation. Perform physical demands of the job – including, but not limited to, standing for long periods of time and lifting up to 50 pounds.

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